Improving a home by changing the floor

Home improvements are essential long-term if you’re wanting to sell your house on in the future. Lots of realtors recognise that a floor has a great deal of influence when it comes to pricing a property. One of the floors that is definitely going to increase the price is solid wood flooring. More and more potential buyers are looking for homes with solid wood floors thanks to not only their style, but their incredibly long life and durability. So, lets take a closer look at just a few of the reasons solid wood floors are the best investment you can make when it comes to your home.


There’s no denying that solid wood floors will set you back short-term, but they more than give back in longevity. Wood floors will often times never need replacing in your life time, giving them a literal lifelong guarantee. Not only does it give you a return on investment big time, it also helps with increasing the value of your home. Solid wood is gorgeous and luxurious, massively improving the visual look of your home. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also amazingly practical. Wood floors don’t harbour dust and or allergens making your home that bit easier to clean. Where a carpet would trap lose dirt and pet hairs for example, solid wood floors allow for easy cleaning that doesn’t trap unwanted particles.


When deciding on whether to install a solid wood floor in a certain room, there are a few things to consider. This includes things such as the level of traffic in the room, if there is more risk of spillages and if you have pets that go in the room to name a few. Luckily, your best best with any of these is to use a hard wood floor. Their strength is able to withstand heavy footfall and is for the most part scratch resistant with the right finish. Make sure you always clean up spillages on a hard wood floor as soon as they happen to avoid staining.


As previously mentioned, solid wood floors are dust and allergen repellent, so help to keep the level of hygiene in your home to a good standard. This unfortunately doesn’t mean that you never have to clean your floor. In terms of regular maintenance, all that is needed is a good sweep and or hoover to collect any of that debris that sits on the surface. With a carpet, this would be trampled and pressed in to the fibres, but with a solid wood floor, the dust sits on top and makes cleaning a breeze. Every now and then give your floor a proper clean down with a damp mop to retain its surface layer. When doing this, its important the the mop isn’t dripping, lots of water can damage the planks. We touched on moisture and wood floors earlier, so remember to keep the mop just slightly damp so that it dries quickly.

Solid wood floors might be a little more money upfront, but as we’ve discussed, the floors more than pay for themselves. Not only do they give you all of these great benefits, but these benefits will help to price your house a little higher when the time comes to move on.

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